Palm Lane Elementary School

Name:Palm Lane Elementary School

Brief Description of the Site:
Palm Lane, located in Phoenix, AZ is a K-6 elementary school with nearly 1000 students. The school's Web site is fairly new, but they've gotten off to a nice start and have several interesting features, including a translator that makes the pages accessible to non-English speaking parents.

How to use the site:
Both English and Spanish-speaking parents and students are encouraged to access the site for news and links to useful Internet sites. Each page includes a link to Babel Fish, an online tool that enables visitors to translate the page into Spanish (other languages are available as well). Along with newsletters, calendars, menus, and a school handbook, the site includes a simple Virtual Tour of the school, easily accessible even without a high-speed connection. The Teacher's Lounge not only offers links to education Web sites, but also information about professional development opportunities within the school district and through Arizona State University. The Site Credits page offers an excellent model for schools using images, both public domain and copyrighted, on their Web site.

Submitted by:
Susan Brooks-Young

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