Qu'Appelle Valley School Division

Name:Qu’Appelle Valley School Division

Brief Description of the Site:
Located in Saskatchewan, Canada, Qu’Appelle Valley School Division serves 23 K-12 schools. The division’s Web site offers educators quick access to a variety of curricular materials, which are standards-aligned and include on- and off-line support materials. There are also galleries featuring student work.

How to use the site:
The Evergreen Curriculum area found under Resources, Curriculum and Instruction is a goldmine. Although these materials are aligned to Canadian standards and essential learnings, many of the resources provided can be used in U.S. schools. The organization of this area is an excellent model for districts planning their own online delivery of instructional resources. Also be sure to check out the Technology and Grassroots Projects sections in the Resources area. Both links lead to useful examples and tips for technology-supported instruction.

Submitted by:
Murray Sanders