Science Made Simple's Online Metric Converter

Name:Science Made Simple’s Online Metric Converter

Brief Description of the Site:
Want your students to feel better when the classroom thermometer says 94 degrees and it’s only 11:00 a.m.? Tell them to visit this site and convert 94° Fahrenheit to Celsius (a.k.a. Centigrade). When they see it’s only 34.4° Celsius they may thank you! Or ask them to prove conclusively that that the average European driving 104.6 Kilometers per hour is not a speed demon by U.S. standards. The site does instant conversions for 13 categories plus “fruit†(try it!), and it’s as simple as entering a number and selecting the input and output choices.

How to use the site:
1). Use the money converter to determine how much an amount in US dollars is worth in the currencies of just about any country in the world, based on that day’s exchange rate. Social studies teachers will find this particularly useful. It also lists the fascinating names of some currency (Malaysia’s ‘Ringgits;’ Thailand’s ‘Bahts;’ etc.) 2) Use it to help with that unit in Metrics (1 meter = 100 centimeters or 3.28084 feet; 1 ounce is .028 kilograms, etc.) 3) Make it an exercise in mathematics. Have students do a conversion but challenge them to then do the arithmetic by hand and prove or disprove the site’s accuracy. For more of a challenge don’t simply give them the proper conversion formula but have them look it up.

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