Brief Description of the Site:
Telling about, planets, and shuttles, this site is a must bookmark for anyone wanting to keep up with the latest information on space exploration. There are Image Galleries and links to the Space News along with mission archives of the Space Shuttle. "Night Sky" offers a sky calendar, astronomy resources, and sky watching tips that debunk myths.

How to use the site:
Main topics for this expansive site include News, Spaceflight, Science, Technology, Space Views, Night Sky and Business links. Recent missions or spacecraft of interest appear with links on the home page (Hubble Space Telescope, case in point) to offer a range of inquiry. The site looks deceptively simple, but as you navigate from link to link, the expanse of topics covered becomes more apparent, making the bookmarking of the home page important so that you can navigate your way home easily.

Submitted by:
Veronica Rainone