February 2015

February 2015



Special Anniversary Series
In this issue, T&L consulting editor Gwen Solomon takes a look at some of the news bites from our first issue and David Warlick offers his reflections of his early experiences with personal computers.

Back Where We Started
Back to the Future
Where Were They Then?

Top 10 EdTech Trends of 2014: Part Two
Journalist blogger, and self-described rabble-rouser Audrey Watters shares the second half of her 2014 edtech reflections.

Transitioning to Common Core
By Ellen Ullman
There are several technology products that can help teachers prepare their students to graduate with the skills they need to succeed—whatever path they choose. Here are some examples.

An Invitation to Inspiring Learning Spaces
By Michael Morrison
Laguna Beach Unified School District embarked on an ambitious journey called the “4C’s Learning Environments” (4CLE) to re-envision how to improve learning by creating inspiring learning spaces.


Put to the Test: T&L Editors take some new products for a test drive.
T&L Reviews Lexia Reading Core5
T&L Reviews Epson BrightLink 595Wi Interactive WXGA 3LCD Projector

What’s New
Focus On: The Newest Projectors for K-12


Editors Desk: Oldies but Goodies

Big Ideas
Top10 Web Stories
Report Reveals Blended Learning Trends for U.S. Independent Schools
T&L Reader survey Are phones on or off in your classrooms?
Site We Like
Wise Releases Survey Results: What will School look like in 2030?
Education Gets personal
Özge’s Favorite Apps
Testing and Assessment Sales Shows Biggest Growth
Time for Some Bold Predictions
Apps of the day From techlearning.com