Twitter Where You Are

Record images and more for those who follow what you're up to.

Building upon Twitter comes Twittergram, the presence stream web site, that allows you to associate recorded messages and images along with your Twitter posts. Normally with Twitter you can type in a post indicating what you are up to. For example let's say I want to update my Twitter friends that I am getting ready for a staff meeting. I can type in those words and my friends and colleagues who follow me on Twitter will know what I am up to. With Twittergram you can take this a step further. You can dial a phone number and record a short audio message and when completed a new post goes to Twitter complete with a link to your audio message.

Twittergram for the photo sharing web site Flickr works much the same way. From your camera phone you take an image, email it to Flickr, and it gets posted to your Flickr account and then a post is made to Twitter complete with the subject of the email as the post name and a link to your image. I used this recently to post that I was visiting a classroom. I took an image of an art work display, composed a quick message, emailed it from my camera to Flickr and through the Twittergram service it posted my message and image link to Twitter.

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