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Earth and Environmental Sciences: Treasure Hunt

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Looking for enrichment? Here's an online treasure hunt requiring skill with directions, distance, contour maps, latitude and longitude. Also supplementing the activity are interactive quizzes on latitude, longitude, and other related topics. Links to additional explanation offer further comprehensive instruction. This is a great exercise for middle school students to manipulate information and truly understand geographic and scientific concepts.

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Observing the Earth

Observing the Earth Access high quality images of the Earth's geographic features from this site created by the European Space Agency. Search images by location or by satellite. There is a thorough description of each location. European Space Agency • Pictures and/or Illustrations

Breathing Earth

Breathing Earth This fascinating flash site attempts to portray the birth rate, death rate, and amount of Carbon Dioxide produced by every country on the planet. "Mousing over" a particular country brings up that country's name and its data. One fun use of the site would be to play Geography,

American Geological Institute: Earth Science Week

 A wealth of resources created for celebrating Earth Science Week, most of these can be used any time. Educational materials are available in both English and Spanish. Teachers will find classroom activities and ideas for exploring earth science topics in

Double Hit on the Treasure Coast

Double Hit on the Treasure Coast This comprehensive site provides a wealth of information about Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne which hit the Treasure Coast of Florida in 2004. Videos, recorded testimonials and interactive maps provide an engaging overview of these natural disasters. This is another

Treasures in Full; Shakespeare in Quarto

Treasures in Full; Shakespeare in Quarto The very first printed versions of Shakespeare's works are available here for looking, comparing and examining. The site also includes valuable links to facts about Shakespeare's plays as they were performed through the years.