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Fun Math Competition and Club Programs for Middle School

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It’s too late to register for the 2013-2014 Math Counts competition, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of many of the resources available on this site. The online problem library requires a subscription, but if you look at the resources pull-down menu, you’ll find a host of free resources to use. In addition to the problem of the week, you’ll find the problem of the week archive along with the explanation of the problem; Math Counts minis, which are videos with activity sheet and solutions downloads; and a video library.

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Fun School

Name: Fun School Brief Description of the Site: Colorful and game oriented, this site appeals to elementary age children. Word and math games help to get across concepts for different ages. The site serves as reinforcement in a fun setting for skills already acquired. How to use the site: Games are listed by

Math is Fun: Algebra

Through this collection of definitions, lessons, problem solving steps and strategies and example questions, you'll learn why completing an algebra problem is a lot like solving a puzzle. Users explore exponents, simplifying, factoring, logarithms, polynomials, linear equations, quadratic equations and

Chatham Middle School

Name: Chatham Middle School Chatham Middle School, in Chatham, NJ serves students in grades 6-8. The purpose of the school’s Web site is to make general information readily available to students, parents, and teachers and to provide easy access to research and study tools. How to use the site:Several areas of

Hunt Middle School

Name: Hunt Middle School Brief Description of the Site: Hunt Middle School serves students in grades 6-8 and is located in Burlington, VT. The Web site offers some information for parents in the form of newsletters, calendars, and contacts. However, the targeted audiences for this site are the teachers and

Scrub Club

Kids learn how to keep themselves clean, kill bacteria, and stay healthy all year long by washing their hands and under fingernails with warm soapy water. Then they can enjoy the "6 Steps Game," meet the "villains" that cause illness

Western Middle School

Name: Western Middle School Brief Description of the Site: Western Middle is a grade 6-8 school in Elon, NC. The target audiences for the site are parents and students, with a special area for students who are newcomers to the school. Postings heavily emphasize making connections with the school staff, with