Top 10 Stories for April 2019

1 75+ Professional Learning Opportunities That Will Make You Smarter
Apply now for summer study, here or abroad—choose from over 75 different free or low-cost learning opportunities for social studies teachers.

2 New Math Tools and Best Practices Add Up to Positive Results
Learn how new research-based edtech tools can help students learn now and also equip them to solve the world’s problems.

3 Nine Top YouTube Channels to Boost Classroom Lessons
Find those perfect, one-of-a-kind, just-right-for-your-lesson videos that make you think, “Oh, my students have to see this!”

4 25 Reading Sites and Apps
From ABCYa to ZooWhiz, here are learning tools for reading, comprehension, and language arts.

5 New Tools for Schools and the Best of TCEA
Learn about the products and services that, according to the country’s most tech-savvy educators, show the greatest promise.

6 The Future of Field Trips
Take students to amazing places via Google Expeditions. Here are travel tips, lesson links, and project ideas.

7 Top 25 Sites and Apps of 2018
Lots of tools on this year’s list from David Kapuler focus on STEM, programming, and coding.

8 Google Tools and Activities for Art Education
In addition to encouraging creativity, technology also enables students to explore and learn about art in new and engaging ways.

9 Award of Excellence Grand Prize Winners
Read about the three innovative tools that won best use of edtech in the classroom, school, and district.

10 Top 50 Math Sites and Apps
This useful list includes lots of math games for all levels and interests, digital scratch pads, videos, worksheets, and more.