1 Let the Learning Begin

See how three different schools reinvented spaces to accommodate different types of learning.

2 Forget Taking Notes: Two Strategies to Get to Thinking and Sharing Faster

Help students make meaning of what you’re saying by providing hashtags and handles and digital agendas and materials.

3 Learn with QR Codes! 22+ Apps, Web Tools, and Activities

Inspire student curiosity and get them out of their desks to engage, discover, and create with QR codes.

4 A Principal Plays Pokémon Go: Lessons Learned So Far

A curious, tech-savvy educator not fluent in Pokémonese reflects on leaving his comfort zone.

5 24 Must-Have Features of Computer Labs

Take a fresh look at your computer lab with a view to making the most of this learning space.

6 Future Ready Schools

Learn about the resources FRS provides districts to maximize digital learning opportunities.

7 The One-Day Blue Photo Challenge

Reflect on the process of documentation, and how it changes your view of the world, with six simple steps.

8 Raising the Standards for Students

Learn how the 2016 ISTE Standards for Students can transform learning in your classroom.

9 Poetry App Helps Students Focus on Content, Skills

POETRY helps students discover and explore new authors and unexpected works by theme and mood.

10 Digital Curriculum: Tech and Curriculum Leaders in Partnership

Hear how educators are finding solutions to create successful digital cultures in their schools.