1 Let the Learning Begin (opens in new tab)

See how three different schools reinvented spaces to accommodate different types of learning.

2 Forget Taking Notes: Two Strategies to Get to Thinking and Sharing Faster (opens in new tab)

Help students make meaning of what you’re saying by providing hashtags and handles and digital agendas and materials.

3 Learn with QR Codes! 22+ Apps, Web Tools, and Activities (opens in new tab)

Inspire student curiosity and get them out of their desks to engage, discover, and create with QR codes.

4 A Principal Plays Pokémon Go: Lessons Learned So Far (opens in new tab)

A curious, tech-savvy educator not fluent in Pokémonese reflects on leaving his comfort zone.

5 24 Must-Have Features of Computer Labs (opens in new tab)

Take a fresh look at your computer lab with a view to making the most of this learning space.

6 Future Ready Schools (opens in new tab)

Learn about the resources FRS provides districts to maximize digital learning opportunities.

7 The One-Day Blue Photo Challenge (opens in new tab)

Reflect on the process of documentation, and how it changes your view of the world, with six simple steps.

8 Raising the Standards for Students (opens in new tab)

Learn how the 2016 ISTE Standards for Students can transform learning in your classroom.

9 Poetry App Helps Students Focus on Content, Skills (opens in new tab)

POETRY helps students discover and explore new authors and unexpected works by theme and mood.

10 Digital Curriculum: Tech and Curriculum Leaders in Partnership (opens in new tab)

Hear how educators are finding solutions to create successful digital cultures in their schools.