Trending: Top 10 Stories for November 2019

1) Transforming STEM Education from a Noun to a Verb 

STEM action is something all content areas can embrace as they engage students in authentic learning. 

2) How Is 5G Set to Change the Classroom? 

 Faster, smarter and more interactive—a new generation of learning. 

3) Focus on the Doing of Social Studies, not Just the Model 

Is it possible to take the best parts of Madeline Hunter’s classic model and adapt these principles for a world that needs our students to be engaged, informed, and knowledgeable citizens? 

4) How Can Schools Better Use Data to Personalize Learning? 

While most US high-school students aspire to earn a college degree, fewer than one in three succeed. 

5) Personalized PD to Maximize Educator Learning 

 Why design staff meetings and PD with a “one-size-fits-all” approach? 

6) Spice up Your Slides with 600+ Free Design Templates 

Here are over 600 design theme templates for you and your students to use in your creations. 

7) Yes . . . Your Class Does Need a 12 x 8 Foot Map (and Online Interactives) 

Be sure to make a stop at the Nat Geo Mapping Resources page to find the MapMaker Interactive and other handy tools.

8) Fixing One of the Biggest Accessibility Issues: Color Contrast  

Why is color contrast important, what’s the standard, and how can you make content with accessible color contrast?

9) Review: Epson BrightLink 697ui Interactive Projector 

Epson describes its BrightLink 697Ui ultra short-throw interactive display as “the ultimate academic collaboration tool,” and it’s nothing short of amazing. 

10) 5 Ways to Make Your PLN Work 

An educational technology coach and district personalized learning coach shares ideas for supporting your colleagues as they learn to integrate technology into the classroom.